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Dear sisters and brothers,

This website is sponsored and maintained by a group of activists, most of whom have a deep spiritual foundation from which our activism springs. Our activism originates from the belief that all human life is sacred and that violence is morally wrong. We further believe that as a human family, until we commit ourselves to love and justice as the only way to peace, the cycle of violence can only continue and escalate.

We believe that the majority of people in the U.S. desire peace with justice. However, we also believe that our government has betrayed us in this regard. One need only observe historical U.S. involvement in foreign sovereign states to realize that, more often than not, the U.S. has meddled in and/or invaded other sovereign nations for imperialist motives or corporate interests rather than altruistic reasons. The U.S. traditionally has supported the most brutal and ruthless regimes if it was in our economic interest, and we have opposed the most honorable of governments if our interests would be adversely affected. Most people of the world are well aware of U.S. geopolitical and economic ambitions, and their hatred of U.S. government policy is often attributed to the unconscionable acts perpetrated by the U.S., either overtly or covertly, causing untold and needless suffering and destruction.

The government has spent trillions of our tax dollars in these pursuits with the fiscal 2008 Pentagon budget at $625 billion, which does not include more than $100 billion in other federal budget expenditures for homeland security, new nuclear weapons, and the so-called “black budget” or covert operations. Meanwhile, education, medical care, infrastructure, veteran care, military compensation and other common good concerns are ignored and under funded. The U.S. spends more on weapons and war-making than all nations of the world combined. We encourage you to visit the website, to learn more about the economic cost of the Iraq occupation; a war that was sold to us, and the world, with misinformation and outright lies. Many view this debacle as illegal under international law, and not just immoral, but utterly insane.

At Vandenberg, the U.S. has been testing I.C.B.M.s for over 25 years. The sole purpose of an I.C.B.M. is to deliver nuclear warheads; a diabolical weapon of unimaginable destruction, employed to kill, maim, and inflict suffering indiscriminately on millions of innocent people. Once we entered the era of mutually assured destruction, I.C.B.M.s became neither an offensive nor defensive weapon, as everyone loses, even if they are never used, because of the wasted resources, both economic and human intellect, not to forget the environmental devastation.

U.S. imperialism will continue as long as people continue to pay taxes and provide the personnel necessary to implement their hegemonic policies and doctrines. Since our government not only has duped and betrayed the world community, but its own citizens as well, we believe it a legitimate suggestion that you, as members of the military, the prime enablers of imperial power, search your conscience to determine if your support for such a government should continue. After serious reflection, realizing that we have been fraudulently sold a bill of goods, will your conscience allow your continued participation in a military employed solely for hegemonic purposes and the economic interests of U.S. multi-national corporations (war profiteers), at all costs, including the lives of good-intentioned military personnel who were conned, and countless innocent civilians?

Can you continue to serve and support a government that illegally wiretaps its own citizens, pardons people involved in the treasonous outing of CIA operatives, teaches and condones torture, holds thousands of people (most of whom are innocent) without charges or access to legal aid for as long as six years (including 2,500 children under 18, some as young as 10), “renders” prisoners to secret locations in other countries for torture and interrogation, without accountability, operates covertly in other sovereign nations, usually for corporate interests, and squanders our resources funding an enormous weapons complex that develops the most diabolical weapons known to humankind?

Whatever altruistic reasons for your participation in the military, whether it is to serve with honor, or to protect and defend our country and constitution, has been nullified by the government’s dishonorable, illegal, and immoral pursuits. There can be no honor when pursuing dishonorable goals.

Therefore, we invite you, at best, to give up your service to the government and, at minimum, enter into a dialogue with us that together we might clarify thought. It is imperative that we become a nation of compassion and honor rather than an empire consumed by greed, self-aggrandizement, domination and exploitation. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Many blessings.


Comment from Carol Johnson
Time: October 21, 2008, 6:31 am

This “Open Letter to Vandenburg Personnel” is a beautiful statement. Thank you for writing it. It is hope; there are people who do resist and speak out. We must. Thank you.

Comment from Lola T
Time: November 11, 2009, 8:30 am

Good letter. Thanks for writing it. There are so many with you, who probably don’t know of your work yet, which I did not, until I saw the latest news from CODEPINK. Thank you all again for your work towards and peace and true freedom for all people.

Comment from Jon Wolff
Time: November 29, 2009, 11:56 am

While powerfully written, your open letter is a bit inaccurate – Vandenberg has been at the forefront of the nuclear arms race, testing missiles of all kinds since 1959 (beginning with THOR). The 25-year comment makes it sound like they haven’t been in the war business “all that long.”

1959 was when this all started – three generations and eleven presidents ago.

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