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September 11 Twentieth Anniversary

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, along with the highly deceptive 9/11 Commission Report, we believe that as Christians, as Catholic Workers, we have an obligation to do our own investigation into what really transpired on that fateful day that brought U.S. imperialism to unconscionable depths of depravity with two decades of torture, death, and destruction that has only benefited the military-industrial complex and the oligarchs behind them.

Photo by David Marks – Pixabay

We are aware of the challenges associated with so-called “conspiracy theories,” however when legitimate questions go unanswered, and factual inconsistencies with the official report are ignored, the citizenry is obliged to hold their government accountable. We do not have to develop our own theory, but we must discard theories that are clearly flawed.

Therefore, we encourage and challenge you and your communities to obtain and study the documented and indispensable works of David Ray Griffin, who has written extensively on 9/11, and also has videos available on YouTube to examine. We must know the truth before we can expose the imperial lies and speak truth to power.

In peace and solidarity,

Kathy Boylan – DC Catholic Worker

Dennis Apel – Guadalupe (CA) Catholic Worker

Mike Wisniewski – Los Angeles Catholic Worker

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