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Kings Bay Plowshares activists – Elizabeth McAlister, Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, Carmen Trotta, Mark Colville, Matha Hennessy, Clare Grady, Patrick O’Niell
Patrick O’Neill

October 16, 2020, Kings Bay Plowshares 7 activist Patrick O’Neill was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison to run concurrently with another six-month sentence for a misdemeanor charge. He also, like his two other co-defendants, has restitution of $33,603.51 that must be made in payments, no interest or fines, along with a $310. special court assessment due immediately. Plus three years supervised probation upon release, including DNA samples. 

Patrick immediately appealed the decision and will self-surrender to a prison near where he lives in North Carolina in 90 days. With time served, he should be released in 10 months. His sentencing statement (available on their website), though very long, was absolutely profound and prophetic. Simply GREAT! As were two of his children’s character statements and his uncle/godfather’s statement (also available on their website).

However, even though Judge Lisa Goodbey Wood went under the recommended minimum of 18-24 months, like Steve Kelly in yesterday’s proceedings, this is a travesty of justice. Nuclear weapons, specifically Trident, is the real crime. Pure idolatry, blasphemous, and a crime against God and humanity.

The remaining co-defendants, Mark Colville, Martha Hennessy, Clare Grady, and Carmen Trotta, will appear before Wood for sentencing on November 12 and 13. FOR MORE INFO VISIT

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