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Elizabeth McAlister

On June 8, 2020, via video, Liz McAlister, 80, was sentenced to time served plus three years supervised probation for her part in the April 4, 2018, Kings Bay Plowshares nuclear disarmament direct action. Liz had already spent more than 17 months in Georgia county jails following her arrest.

Judge Lisa Godbey Wood presided and ordered Elizabeth to pay a special assessment of $310 and restitution of $33,503.51, assigned jointly to all seven defendants. No fine was imposed, but a minimum payment of $25 per month towards restitution was mandated.

Sentencing for Carmen Trotta, Fr. Steve Kelly, and Clare Grady is now scheduled for Sept. 3, and Mark Colville, Patrick O’Neill, and Martha Hennessey on Sept. 4. They asked for these continuances in order to be able to safely travel to Brunswick, GA, and appear in open court with family and supporters present. However, depending on virus circumstances, there may be further delays. Fr. Steve Kelly remains in Glynn County Jail. For further updates visit Kings Bay Plowshares Facebook page or their website: