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Thank you for supporting the Kings Bay Plowshares. Please know that the trial and jail witness are a powerful and important part of the work for nuclear disarmament. Here is where the Kings Bay Plowshare are now in that process.

In early May, the Kings Bay Plowshares were indicted in the Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick division. The seven were charged with four counts each: Conspiracy; Destruction of Property on a Naval Station; Depredation of Government Property; and Trespass. On May 17, 2018, the seven were arraigned and all pled not guilty. Magistrate R. Stan Baker presided.

Also at the May 17 court date, bond was set for six of the seven. Steve Kelly, SJ, was not offered bond due to a pending nonviolent direct action case at the Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base in Washington State. Conditions of release required that each of the six post a $50,000 surety with $5,000 cash paid ($1,000 for Carmen Trotta). The court also mandated that they wear ankle monitors, be subject to home confinement, and surrender their passports. Martha Hennessy, Carmen Trotta, and Patrick O’Neill chose to accept these conditions and bond out hoping to continue the work of organizing for nuclear disarmament from their home communities as they await trial. Liz McAlister, Clare Grady, and Mark Colville elected to continue writing, praying, and organizing from within the Glynn County Jail in Brunswick, Georgia. However, on May 24, Martha, Carmen, and Patrick were released from Glynn County, traveled home, and began their home confinement.

Currently, Liz McAlister is represented by attorneys Bill Quigley and Jason Clark (local attorney) Martha Hennessy is represented by attorneys Anna Lellelid and Jason Clark (local attorney), Clare Grady is represented by Stephanie McDonald. Attorney Matt D’Aloisio will be standby counsel for Mark Colville, who will be representing himself. Patrick O’Neill will be representing himself with Darrel Gossett as standby counsel. Steve Kelly, SJ, and Carmen Trotta are also representing themselves. Other attorneys are helping in various capacities as well.

A motions hearing has been set for August 3, 2018 (tentative). At this hearing the seven along with their attorneys, and on the opposing side, the prosecution, will argue motions related to the trial.

Around the time of this hearing, the legal team expects that the timing of the trial will become clearer. As soon as a trial date is announced, the legal team will share that news with supporters.

The legal team and the seven members of the Kings Bay Plowshares expect to win this case. The Kings Bay Plowshares will continue throughout this process to show how nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral. They will continue to illustrate how nuclear weapons kill everyday through the theft of resources from desperately poor communities, the ecological and public health catastrophe of the mining, production, and waste processes, and the looming threat posed by their existence. The seven and their attorneys will make a clear and powerful case that they were upholding both International and U.S. laws when they went to the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base and are innocent of any crime.

REGARDING STEVE KELLY, SJ, — Steve recently called from the Glynn County Detention Center and said he is doing well and is now getting vegetarian food. He is grateful for the mail he is receiving and for your support, and has plenty to read, including the daily New York Times.

Many people have been getting their postcards to Steve returned for various reasons, so please be advised of the below rules we have learned about.

Significant correspondence restrictions include: Only plain white pre-stamped postcards can be sent, which can be purchased at some post offices and online at Write with black or blue pens only – no other color ink and no paint, crayon, marker, or anything affixed with glue is permitted. You must hand write your return address with your full first and last name–no initials. No return address label or other labels, stickers, or stamps are allowed. Hand write Steve’s full name and number with the jail address as it appears below. Write Stephen, not Steve. Do not write Rev. or Fr. in front of his name or SJ after it. Do not write anything on the mailing front other than his address and your return address. All postcards are subject to copying, search and/or screening. No letters will be accepted. Also do not write any anti-U.S./U.S. policy remarks. They are very strict about this.

Stephen Kelly #015634
Glynn County Detention Center
100 Sulphur Springs Road
Brunswick, GA 31520