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Nuclear disarmament activists, including Catholic nuns and priests, challenge the security and legality of U.S. nuclear weapons when they break into the “Fort Knox” of uranium and a Trident nuclear submarine base. Are they criminals or prophets sending a wake-up call to the world? This LINK is to a trailer for an excellent documentary.


Who Should Be Indicted?

by Liz McAlister (member of the Kings Bay Plowshares), May 5, 2018

Our country bound itself in 1945 to the U.N. Charter, which rendered nuclear weapons systems criminal by its purpose to “save future generations from the scourge of war.” It further directed that “all nations shall refrain from the use of force against another nation.” Our country bound itself in 1945 the Nuremburg Principles, which prohibit crimes against the peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. The Nuremburg Principles thus render nuclear weapons illegal and criminal under all circumstances. Our country bound itself in 1970 by the Non Proliferation Treaty, which seeks the “cessation of the nuclear arms race and to undertake effective measures in the direction of nuclear disarmament.” Our country is further bound by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1996, which bans nuclear explosions and the production of fissile material for weapons.

The work being done with nuclear weapons at Kings Bay violates all these laws and higher moral laws and is thus a great crime. We acted to expose this criminality and withdraw our consent to participate in the crime of the production and maintenance of nuclear weapons.


On Monday, May 7, the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists – Liz McAlister, Steve Kelly, Carmen Trotta, Mark Colville, Martha Hennessy, Clare Grady, and Patrick O’Neill were moved to the Glynn County Detention Center, in Brunswick, Georgia.

On May 10 they will appear in federal court in Brunswick. Last week, an indictment was filed by the federal government and the group was charged with four counts: conspiracy, destruction of property on a Naval Station, depredation of government property, and trespass.

You can now write to them at:

Carmen Trotta #015636

Clare Grady #015632

Patrick O’Neill #015637

Elizabeth McAlister #015633

Stephen Kelly #015634

Martha Hennessy #015631

Mark Colville #015635

Glynn County Detention Center
100 Sulphur Springs Road
Brunswick, GA 31520

Significant correspondence restrictions continue at the new jail. Plain white postcards only can be sent, either pre-stamped or metered (white pre-stamped postcards are available at some post offices and online). Minimum size – 3.5” x 4.25”. Maximum size – 4.25” x 6”. Written with black or blue pens only – no other color ink and no paint, crayon, marker or anything affixed with glue. Please handwrite your return address. No return address label or other labels or stickers allowed. All postcards are subject to search and/or screening. No letters will be accepted.

Inmates can receive new paperback books from a publisher only. We’ll share information when available about their book “wish list.” We will also check if there is restrictions on how many books a prisoner is allowed at a time.

You can check out the new Kings Bay Plowshares website for information about the action, updates, prisoner reflections, jail addresses, suggestions about how to continue the witness, how to make a donation and more. Also, visit the Kings Bay Plowshares Facebook Page.

If you want to be added to the list to receive e-mail updates from the Kings Bay Plowshares, please e-mail Jessica Stewart at [email protected]


Press Release
May 4, 2018

For more information contact:
Jessica Stewart: 207.266.0919
Paul Magno: 202.321.6650
Brian Hynes: 718. 838.2636
Kings Bay Plowshares Indicted in Southern District of Georgia Federal Court

On April 4, 2018, the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Liz McAlister, 78, Stephen Kelly S.J., 70, Martha Hennessy, 62, Clare Grady, 58, Patrick O’Neill, 62, Mark Colville, 55, and Carmen Trotta, 55, entered the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. Carrying hammers and bottles of their own blood, the seven sought to enact and embody the prophet Isaiah’s command to: “Beat swords into plowshares.” In so doing, they were upholding the US Constitution through its requirement to respect treaties, international law through the UN Charter and Nuremburg principles, and higher moral law regarding the sacredness of all creation. They hoped to draw attention to and dismantle what Dr. King called, “the triple evils” of racism, militarism, and extreme materialism.

In an indictment filed this week in the Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick division, the seven were charged with four counts: Conspiracy, Destruction of Property on a Naval Station, Depredation of Government Property, and Trespass. They will appear before a magistrate in Brunswick on May 10th. Although currently being held at the Camden County jail in Woodbine, Georgia, they expect to be acquitted of all charges. Attorney William P. Quigley, Professor of Law at Loyola University, New Orleans, LA, noted, “These peace activists acted in accordance with the 1996 declaration of the International Court of Justice that any threat or use of nuclear weapons is illegal.”

Kings Bay Naval base opened in 1979 as the Navy’s Atlantic Ocean Trident port. It is the largest nuclear submarine base in the world. The Kings Bay Plowshares hope to draw attention not only to the threat of nuclear annihilation posed by the weapons aboard the submarines whose homeport is Kings Bay, but to emphasize how the weapons kill every day. Clare Grady wrote from Camden Country jail, “We say, ‘the ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide’, and yet, the explosive power of this weapon is only part of what we want to make visible. We see that nuclear weapons kill every day by their mere existence. We see the billions of dollars it takes to build and maintain the Trident system as stolen resources, which are desperately needed for human needs. In response to news of the indictment, Mark Colville, of New Haven, Connecticut, wrote from the Camden County Jail, “Once again the federal criminal justice system has plainly identified itself as another arm of the Pentagon by turning a blind eye to the criminal and murderous course from which it has repeatedly refused to desist for the past 70 years.”

For more information visit their Facebook page: KINGS BAY PLOWSHARES.

Link to past Kings Bay Plowshares postings: See FRANK CORDERO’S BLOG


Reflection from the Camden County Detention Facility, by Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J., Kings Bay Plowshares

“Do you swear/affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you [God]?”, Dennis Apel was asked as he took the stand in Federal court for his witness at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Dennis looked to the judge and said, “If I am allowed to, I will, believe me, tell all the truth… “ The torch of truth-telling is then passed on to the next set of nuclear resisters. They in turn give to the next. So we await, from the bowels of our southeast Georgia keep, the next of the three phases (action, trial, prison) of the Kings Bay Plowshares witness.

The second phase of our plowshare’s witness, inspired by the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, is to figuratively hammer the Judiciary… in an attempt to convert the courts (plural) from legitimizer of nuclear holocaust sword to abolition plowshare. Our instrument, all self-righteousness aside, is what usually becomes the first casualty in the courtroom – truth. That’s the paradox, the torch passed on: We cannot shirk nor truncate “all the truth” for it is The witness…

There are many unknowns as this golf-pencilled prose is sent off late April (i. e. federal or state jurisdiction), but hammer we will, despite seeming failure.

(NOTE: Above photo of Steve Kelly, S.J. taken by Felice Cohen-Joppa on March 4, 2018 at the Pacific Life Community liturgy and action at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.)

Read more about the Kings Bay Plowshares action at the NUCLEAR RESISTER and on their Facebook page.