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by This LINK is to an article on the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons. Something that each and all of us in this nation should have knowledge of since the United States is the World Empire and has a first use policy.

This also is one of the reasons that five Catholic Workers and a member of the Veterans for Peace were arrested last year at Vandenberg AFB on the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing, with three of the six sentenced to jail time, including Dennis Apel and Jeff Dietrich, who remain in federal prison (see next post below).

An excerpt:
“On the 20th anniversary of the ICJ Advisory Opinion on threat or use of nuclear weapons, the people must wake up, stand up and speak out. Nuclear weapons are illegal as well as immoral and costly. They are not even weapons, but instruments of mass annihilation. They serve no useful purpose and endanger all countries, all people, and all future generations. It is past time to end the nuclear era.”