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Dennis arrested2Guadalupe Catholic Worker Dennis Apel will appear with his attorney, U.S. constitutional lawyer and UC Irvine Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, before the U.S. Supreme Court on December 4 (Supreme Court case No. 12-1038: United States of America, Petitioner v. John Dennis Apel.) concerning whether a person who has a “ban and bar” letter from the base commander that prevents that person from entering a military base (Vandenberg AFB) without the base commander’s approval can continue to protest on a public roadway easement. This is a First Amendment issue that was appealed from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by the U.S. government. The forthcoming decision will not only affect Dennis, but anyone who has been arrested on a military base and was issued a ban and bar. Please keep Dennis and this situation in prayer. This LINK is to an article that gives an excellent overview of this case. This LINK also has good info on Dennis and his journey.

dennis photo2 UPDATE: (Wednesday, December 4, 2013) These three links– LINK, LINK, LINK give updates on what the Justices focused on, which does NOT look good. In the second link there is a link to the Scotus Blog, which gives a good analysis from a legal perspective. This LINK has the actual audio of the case arguments. This LINK is the full court transcript, including where Apel is labeled as “posing a threat to the order and security of the base.” (photo by Steve Kelly, SJ–press conference outside the U.S. Supreme Court)

UPDATE DECEMBER 19: The Loss of Innocence is Dennis Apel’s reflection on his case.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 26, 2014: Supreme Court Sides With Military in Vandenberg Protest Case. The court unanimously issued its written decision as expected.