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DF-SC-83-10646The U.S. Air Force has scheduled yet another provocative test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) from Vandenberg Air Force Base to the Marshall Islands.

A protest is planned for five minutes to midnight on Wednesday, September 25, at the Vandenberg Air Force Base Main Gate. Launch is scheduled for the early morning hours of Thursday, September 26.

Click HERE for the event’s Facbook page.

If you cannot make it to Vandenberg, we encourage you to hold a protest at the nearest federal building or U.S. consulate. If you plan your own protest, please share it on the Facebook page.

If you are unable to physically protest the upcoming launch, please send an e-mail to President Obama asking him to cancel this test. Click HERE for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Action Alert. See also David Krieger, President of Nuclear age peace Foundation, commentary on the launch HERE.

For anyone coming from the San Francisco Bay Area or South of the Bay Area, MacGregor Eddy has chartered the Green Tortoise for Wednesday 9/25. Call 831 206 5043 to reserve seat on bus. Depart Oakland 5 pm, pick ups on the way to Vandenberg. Return likely by 9 am Thursday. Bus has bunk beds. Donations for bus requested but no one turned away. Nonviolence pledge required, no alcohol, non prescription drugs, animals or children.

This protest is in honor of the late Colonel Petrov, the man who saved the world 30 years ago 9/26. Click HERE to read the remarkable story of Col. Petrov (at Vandenberg Protests Blog).

You may contact MacGregor Eddy, if you have questions, at 831-206-5043 or [email protected]