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Early Saturday morning, February 25, eight women and seven men, including Daniel Ellsberg, Cindy Sheehan, Judy Talaugon, Leslie Angeline, David Krieger, Fr. Louis Vitale, Jim Haber, Cynthia Papermaster, Toby Bloom, and Leslie Angeline, among others, were arrested at the protest against the Minuteman III test launch. One hundred people, the largest demonstration and civil resistance against a U.S. missile test in nearly 30 years, attended the 11:55 pm witness in front of the main gate.

Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst for the Rand Corporation and person responsible for releasing the “Pentagon Papers,” the primary factor in ending the Vietnam War, gave a short presentation to those gathered prior to crossing the line with 14 others–See a video HERE and Photo’s HERE. All were cited for trespass and released.

Also in attendance were Paul O’Toko, from Micronesia, an elder and founder of Indigenous Stewards International, along with a group he brought with him, and representatives from the local Chumash Nation, whose land Vandenberg occupies. The Minuteman III missile was launched at 2:46 am to its target over 4000 miles southwest in the Marshall Islands.


Comment from dorothy richards
Time: February 28, 2012, 9:25 am

“There is no greater love” than what these peaceful protesters have for humanity.

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