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Twelve conscientious citizens went to trial in federal court in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday, May 9, on charges of criminal trespass for their July 5, 2010 act of nonviolent civil resistance in protest of continuing nuclear weapons production at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. After the three day trial, on Thursday, May 12, the jury went into deliberations for less than three hours and came back with a unanimous guilty verdict.

The defendants include: Catholic Worker Steve Baggarly of Norfolk, Virginia; Brad Lyttle of Chicago, Illinois; Jackie Hudson of Ground Zero Community in Poulsbo, Washington; Catholic Worker Fr. Bill Bichsel, S.J. of Seattle Washington; Bonnie Urfer of Luck, Wisconsin; Mary Dennis Lentsch of Washburn, Tennessee; Beth Rosdatter of Lexington, Kentucky, Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte of Jonah House in Baltimore, Maryland; Catholic Worker Michael Walli of Duluth, Minnesota; Dennis DuVall of Prescott, Arizona; and Jean Gump of Bloomington, Michigan. See story here. See coverage from local newspaper Knoxville News.