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Vandenberg Air Force Base, in violation of Article 6 of the NPT, will launch a Minuteman III test ICBM hair trigger solid fuel long distance nuclear warhead (with dummy warheads) delivery system on November 18th 2009. There will be a peace protest sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom DISARM at 11:55 pm, Tuesday, Nov 17 at the base front gate (six miles north of Lompoc, California, on Highway One, Santa Barbara County). For details e-mail [email protected] or call MacGregor at 831-206-5043

Check the Vandenberg website for cancellation. If the launch is canceled the protest is canceled.


At the October 3 “Keep Space For Peace” witness, Dennis Apel was again arrested for a “ban and bar” violation (Dennis has a lifetime ban and bar). It is obvious that enforcing the ban and bar is very arbitrary, as Dennis, and others, have been present at other events where no action was taken by the military. This is the third ban and bar violation he has received, but has yet to be prosecuted. Photos of the event are forthcoming.

Keep Space for Peace Week: International Week of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space

We will gather at the front gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base at 1:00pm on Saturday, October 3rd, for a peaceful, nonviolent protest against Vandenberg’s role in using space for technology and satellites that support drone warfare and guided missiles, and in opposition to their 25-year history of testing delivery systems for nuclear weapons.

Contact Dennis Apel, (805) 343-6322 for info.

No Missile Defense – No Use of Space for Drone Wars – Stop Endless War Convert the Military Industrial Complex – Fund Human Needs!